About the Soap Maker 

Petra Dirkx

I have always been interested in natural medicine and healing and have been researching, learning and  enriching my knowledge of Herbalism, Essential Oils and Natural Heathcare throughout my adult life, and have been making skincare preparations for personal use for well over two decades.  

As someone who suffers from chronic psoriasis and having extremely sensitive skin myself, I am familiar with the struggles that others have in finding body products that don't irritate any issues that they may have.

Several years ago I attended a workshop on soap making run by a trained chemist with an interest in self sufficiency.  My objective at the time was to make enough natural soap for my household and possibly for gifts for extended family and friends.

Soaping however had other ideas. Our household quickly became overrun with soap.
I took a short break from making to establish whether there would be a market for my surpluses.

I attended a business course, completed a business plan, cemented my ideas and ethics and developed a brand.   Phew!   Throughout this time I was also continuing to research and learn about soap, ingredients, and methods. I tested and tweaked recipes, getting better results each time until I was fully satisfied with the soaps that I was making.

I also attended a course on natural skincare run by a well regarded Herbalist, this formalized my knowledge.